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Management Services

We will promote your property through local newspaper advertising, Internet advertising, posting “For Rent” signs, and provide available property lists as handouts for prospective tenants.

Tenant Screening:
Our Screening process begins with a personal interview and the gathering of the tenant background information. From there we screen all tenant applicants through a screening service to determine credit worthiness, employment status, rental history, and a public records search of the statewide District Court Records database.

We negotiate with tenants the terms of the rental agreement within the parameters agreed to in our management contract. We also negotiate with service providers to provide you the most cost effective maintenance service.

We keep accurate and timely records on all aspects of the management of your property. We maintain records that reflect all rental income and expenditures incurred in connection with our management of the property. These records are maintained in our office. We provide electronic copies of all invoices, statements, purchase orders, and billings received and paid during such preceding month as well as such other information relating to the management of the property that, in the opinion of Agent, requires the attention of the Owner.

Monitoring your Property:
Our goal is to perform bi-monthly exterior assessments and interior inspections on an as needed basis, or upon owner request. If we see anything that would lead us to believe the property is not being maintained by the tenant as per the rental contract we make arrangements to view the inside. We maintain a file of digital photos of the interior and exterior of each property as part of the move-in move-out inspection. The exterior inspection may also include a photo to be added to our photo library. These inspection reports can be inserted into the owner portal for easy access and review.

Property Maintenance:
Our management contract includes a provision to spend a pre-authorized amount of money to make repairs to the property. These costs are itemized and deducted from your gross rent receipt. You are responsible for the costs of all repairs beyond those identified as the tenant’s responsibility in the tenants residential lease agreement. There can be no compromise on safety. The issue of whether or not to make health and safety repairs are specifically addressed in the Landlord-Tenant Act. Any health and safety issues that arise will be addressed immediately in the most cost effective method possible. We will notify you of the issue and discuss repair options, but the repairs will be made.

Our management agreement includes the requirement for every landlord to carry fire and extended hazard insurance coverage on the property and the improvements situated on the property. We include indemnification and hold harmless language in our agreement and also require that James and Associates be named as an also insured in any policy covering the property. We strongly recommend to tenants that they purchase renters insurance.

Bank Accounts:
We maintain a security trust account to hold all the deposit monies and a general trust account to handle all other monies. These accounts are managed in accordance with the State of Washington Department of Licensing guidelines.

Residential Landlord-Tenant Act:
We manage your property within strict compliance with the State of Washington ‘s Residential Landlord-Tenant Act. We provide a copy of this regulatory document to both owners and tenants. We encourage all our clients to understand this governing document.

We handle all aspects of the eviction process at the owner’s expense. The screening process we use will help to eliminate this unpleasant aspect of the business. Our goal is to never have to take this action.


Residential Property Management:
10% of the monthly gross rent receipt and ½ of the first month’s scheduled rent. The ½ of the first month’s rent will only be collected once per tenant and no more than once per year per property.

Commercial Property Management :
10% of the monthly gross rent receipt and ½ of the first month’s rent. The ½ of the first month’s rent will only be collected once per tenant and no more than once per year per property.

Secure a Tenant (Residential – no other management activities):
The equivalent of the first month’s scheduled rent, payable upon placement.

Commercial Leases:
No management activities: 10% of the negotiated gross lease fee.

Tenant Screening Fee:
We require $40 to screen each individual applicant. The payment is required at the time of application.